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    At the Footstep, we are availing the support of the Emergency Air Ambulance Services to relocate any neonatal or critical patient from the given location to the preferred designation to get facilitated under the super-specialist faculty of the Medical Doctors and the Smart availability of the Medical Equipment for the Cure of the infected Disease.


    We facilitate these supports to Hospitals, Governments, Indian Embassies, Insurance Companies and uninsured private personal.


    We repeatedly repatriate patients from all major airports in India.


    With the Specific accommodation of the smart medical equips in the Charter Aircraft which will be availed from the major airports of the evacuation point.


    We avail the support of the Cardiac Ground Ambulance to move the patient from the given location to the nearest Airport.


    Not only with the relocation support to the patient, but we also availed the required and possible medical care under the specialist faculty to stabilize the situation of the patient along the Medical tourism Process.


    Air Ambulance Aircraft


    Our Air Ambulance from Patna medical crews operates across the national and international border’s 24 hours a day.


    The superior support and the type of the Charter Aircraft availed depends upon the medical condition of the patient.


    All our air ambulances are completely certified and staffed with professionals and aero medically expertized Doctors and nurses.


    A Fully Verified Air Ambulance Service Provider in Guwahati


    Our experts have years of experience and voluminous knowledge at availing a fully authorized Air Ambulance from Guwahati to across the country to become one of Asia’s largest evacuator of patient flights for this route.


    To receive a complimentary air ambulance quotation from anywhere in India to anywhere in the nation or across the international borders please call +91-9773678523 or Request a Quote Online.


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